Tom Strong

Yes, I have a web page. Why does everyone seem to find that fact so amusing?

This is not the Tom Strong that you're looking for? Then try my list of other Tom Strongs on the internet.

What do I do?

I was/am a grad student studying Production Technology and Management in the School of Drama at Carnegie Mellon. I finished the coursework in 2012, the thesis completion date is still TBD.

In my spare time

In my spare time I am the Section 66 Scouting and Youth Services Chairman for Alpha Phi Omega, I am a member of the Board of Trustees of the Alpha Phi Omega, Kappa Chapter Foundation, I "fix things" for Hundred Acres Manor, I'm the Lackawanna District Advancement Chairman with the Boy Scouts, I occasionally help out with AB Tech at CMU and from time to time I help out as a member of the Carnegie Mellon Admissions Council. I've probably left a few things out, if I remember them I'll add them.

I also maintain a few web sites
IATSE Local 489
Photography site
Physics class site
My Link Pages
History of Alpha Phi Omega, Kappa Chapter
Pittsburgh Food Festivals
My collection of quotations
My BSA patch collecting page
Strong family genealogy
Patriotic customs in various countries
My collection of recipes
Web-safe color chart
A very disorganized accumulation of files
My home page (this page)

Where did I go to school? What did I study?

I spent my high school years at Bethel Park High School and then moved on from there to studying physics and engineering at CCAC. After two years there I transferred to Carnegie Mellon where I studied physics, computer science, and mathematics, and then I went on to study education in graduate school at Duquesne. Now I working on my thesis for an MFA in Carnegie Mellon's School of Drama.


Well, the "tomstrong" part should be pretty self-explanitory. As for why ".org" and not ".com" or something in ".name", the latter didn't exist when I registered the domain and the former just didn't seem right for what at the time was a personal page. Shortly afterward I tried to go back and get the .com version but a domain squatter beat me to it. I'd like to have it, but not enough to pay their $1300 asking price.
E-Mail: <> AIM: TomStrong2

I also have pages on LinkedIn, IMDB, Picasa, Facebook, MySpace, and a few other places. Those are my only accounts on those sites. If you see my name on another one it's not me despite what it claims.
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