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I pledged and was initiatied into Kappa Chapter at Carnegie Mellon in the Fall of 1990. (This means that I was a member of the Lorin Jurvis Pledge Class) Upon leaving CMU, I went to Duquesne University, where I worked with Pi Chi Chapter, and also helped to recharter Rho Sigma Chapter at Point Park College, while remaining an Advisor to Kappa Chapter. When I graduated from Duquesne, I lived in the Harrisburg area for a while, and while there was the Sectional Representative to Iota Kappa Chapter at Bucknell University and Xi Lambda Chapter at Bloomsburg University. I returned to the Pittsburgh area in November 1995, and once again became an Advisor for Kappa Chapter. Shortly thereafter, (on February 24, 1996 to be exact) I was elected as Sectional Chairman for Section 62. I was re-elected to that position for two subsequent terms in 1997 and 1998. In 1999 I decided not to run again.

I don't seem to fit the "traditional" profile of a Sectional Chairman, in that I managed to go through my entire experience as an active member of Kappa Chapter without ever holding an elected office. The closest I came was to be Sergeant at Arms (an appointed position at the time) for several semesters, and occasionally the chapter's Parliamentarian as well. Another interesting quirk is that I managed to be elected as Sectional Chairman at the first Sectional Conference I ever attended - I kept missing them because of schedule conflicts up until the one in '96. (I did attend several other conferences, and even help to organize a couple, I just never seemed to make it to any Sectional Conferences...)

Once I was no longer Sectional Chairman I no longer had the excuse that I had been using to avoid it, so in Spring 2000 I was elected as the Chairman of the Advisory Committee for Kappa Chapter, the first elected office I'd ever held there. That continued until May, 2001 by which time I had been appointed as the Region V Scouting & Youth Services Committee Chairman, and then on December 30, 2002 at the national convention I was elected as the Region V Director.

I decided not to run for a second term as Region Director at the 2004 convention, so my term ended on December 30th when Adam Bolain took over that position. At that time I returned to two of my previous postions, those of Chairman of the Advisory Committee for Kappa Chapter and Region V Scouting & Youth Services Chairman.

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